Consumer Association of Saskatchewan continues to inform and educate readers about consumer rights and protection through our quarterly publication SaskWatch. Over the years SaskWatch has reported on dozens of different topics, including: consumers' rights & protection, employment scams, identity theft, household debt & consumption, management of finances, truth in advertising, frauds & scams, being a conscientious consumer, age-friendly communities, provincial housing costs, new Christmas traditions, financial exploitation, before giving to charity, buying local, health & safety concerns, and articles on "how to protect the earth" and "going a little greener." Every issue also includes the ever-popular Bits & Pieces, the two-page spread that contains about a dozen short, educational, sometimes off-the-wall, often funny, but always informative, articles.

SaskWatch is mailed directly to members and subscribers keeping them informed about the activities of our organization. It is also distributed to Saskatchewan libraries, relevant government departments, media, and non-profit associations, as well as at public functions such as Spotlight on Seniors. SaskWatch's readership continues to grow as more and more people are going online and accessing our website at:

I've been the editor since 2008 and thoroughly enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of producing and designing this newsletter. Feedback is important, so if you have suggestions for upcoming issues, I'd love to hear from you.

Brenda Goldsworthy, Editor

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