Get Involved

The Consumer Association of Saskatchewan exists because of the generous support and commitment of its volunteers. If you are interested in consumer rights and want to make a difference, consider becoming a volunteer. If you can devote even a few hours a month, your assistance is appreciated.

We need your help in a variety of areas, including:

CASK would like to get a couple of small groups together, each around a particular consumer issue. Each group could meet informally, look at what CASK is already doing, discuss consumer concerns, learn more about the issues, and identify some actions that might be taken. We thought that we would start with food. Some issues regarding food might be:

These are a couple of points that come to mind. You probably have others. Are you interested?

Suggestions for other small groups and possible issues are:

We would like to hear your ideas and comments and, best of all, we'd like you to consider being part of a group

Our appreciation is extended to our current volunteers for so generously sharing their time and talents. If you want to volunteer, or want more information about getting involved with our organization, please contact us.